Glorious Terra Branford (FFVI) by Angi Pauly


Glorious Terra Branford (FFVI) by Angi Pauly

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Relm, Sabin, Strago + Terra (FFVI) | 華月法里


Relm, Sabin, Strago + Terra (FFVI) 華月法里


Locke (FFVI) | 星香


Locke (FFVI) 星香


Painting with Starlight

My annual Relm picture. I guess I should do a Celes some time to round out the set.

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Alternate Versions I didn’t actually use!  

For the Major Arcana:


3. (alt)

I had a lot of trouble finding a good Empress card, because most of the good ‘motherly’ characters are in VII, VIII, IX, and X. I liked the art of Tseng and Aerith, cuz it’s very motherly, and I LOVE that ship in a tragic one sided way, but they’re from FFVII, which I was trying to avoid.  The other artwork of Lightning called to mind the fertility and plants aspect that the art of the traditional Empress card has, but it didn’t seem quite right.  


this was just me trying to get Kain in there somewhere.  I thought he’d make a good hermit, until I found that fantastic pic of Gau that I actually used.


I always like Fran for Temperance.  In my opinion, Fran is the only thing that made XII worth playing.  This was just a different piece of art I considered.


thought about this pic of Castle Baron for the Tower, and while bad things certainly do happen there, it just didn’t seem disaster-iffic enough for what I wanted.


I was struggling to find a good place for a Celes-centric card, so I considered this for a bit.